Azie Faison Jr Net Worth

Azie Faison Jr. who is often referred to in the media as AZ is a 57-year-old drug dealer who was also a businessman. He gained fame as a narcotics trader in New York during the War on Drugs time. He served as a criminal leader for five consecutive years. Faison was an active rapper and entrepreneur when he retired in the year 1990. In the year 2022 Azie Faison’s wealth is believed to be about $2 million.

Life in the early years

Azie Faison, born 11th November 1964. He was born in New York City, New York, United States. His family consisted of a single mom and his older sister. At the age of 6 old, the tenement he lived in was destroyed by fire and his family was moved to Sugar Hill in Harlem, New York.

Faison was not very good at his studies, so his expulsion from high school at the end of the 9th grade. In the beginning, Faison worked a variety of odd jobs in Harlem. He also worked for two years at the local dry cleaner. Azie was able to decide to enter the business of selling drugs after attending a screening of the 1983’s film Scarface.

Personal Life

Azie Faison is believed to be married and was married to an individual named Nikel Gogledd. There isn’t much information about his life as a married man. He is the father of five children to his wife of a lifetime, Nikel.

Azie Faison Career

After a year, after being exposed to cocaine and other drugs, he was able to establish himself as among the very first dealers of the drug throughout New York in 1984. At the age of 21, he was a wholesaler of cocaine in Harlem. With time and he rose to become one of the most prominent drug dealers throughout America. U. S.

Faison increased his drug use following the introduction of his childhood acquaintance, Rich Porter. Then, Porter introduced him to Alpo Martinez. The trio collaborated and grew their use of drugs in order to become the leading drug dealer in New York state.

The year 1987 was the time he became convicted for attempted murder in a robbery that resulted in three people being killed and the remaining three being severely injured. The robber was shot 7 times during the attempted robbery.

Because it took him a while to heal from the multiple injuries sustained in a robbery and it impacted his drug-related network. In the aftermath, it also led to him having problems with his partners in the crime, Rich Porter and Alpo Martinez. Then, in 1990 Martinez committed murder on Porter and then he was convicted and convicted of a myriad of charges.

Faison decided to retire from dealing drugs after Porter’s death. Faison also set out on a quest to protect young people from the temptation of drugs. In the following years, he was more involved in hip-hop. Azie also started the group rap, MobStyle in 1989.

The group released an album in 1991 that was also his first solo album. Azie also wrote an autobiographical film with the goal to tell his tale via media and television. A year later, the film named “Paid In Full” came out, and was based on his personal story.

In the following years, he collaborated with street documentarian Troy Reed to produce a documentary based on his story. The documentary was titled Gave Over and became available in 2007.

Azie Faison Net Worth

In the year 2022 Azie Faison’s wealth was estimated at around $2 million. He made millions of dollars in the course of his business venture as well as from the sale of his album of music. In the War on Drugs era, He earned more than $100,000 one week selling cocaine at Harlem, New York.

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