Byron Allen Net Worth

Allen is an American businessman, philanthropist and TV producer best known for his leadership of his own U.S. media firm Entertainment Studios. Allen’s Byron Allen net worth figure is estimated at $450 million at the time of 2022.

Early Life

Byron Allen Folks was born in the month of April at Detroit, Michigan to parents Robert and Carolyn. When he was a child the parents of Byron split up and left him entirely in the home of his mom.

At seven at the time, he and his mom relocated into Los Angeles. His mother was able to get the position of publicist for NBC Studio located in Burbank, California. From the beginning, Allen became interested in show business.

Incredibly, he came up with his stand-up comedy routine at fourteen years old. Then, he began to perform his show at comedy clubs around the LA region.

Insofar as education is related, Allen graduated from Fairfax High School prior to earning his degree at his university, the University of Southern California (USC).

Byron Allen Career

Amazingly, Allen was approached to join Jimmie Walker to join his comedy writing team along with famous comedy stars Jay Leno and David Letterman. It was the time at a time when Allen was a young teenager.

At the age of 18years old, Allen made his debut at the age of 18 on the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. He was then offered a position as a regular presenter for the NBC show The Real People.

A few years after, the show was renamed “Kickin’ it” With Byron Allen was picked up and aired through 21 consecutive seasons. Then, in 1993, Allen launched his hugely popular Entertainment Studios.

The studio’s first show, Entertainers with Byron Allen was launched.

Since its inception, Entertainment Studios has produced shows that span a variety of genres, including sitcoms, game shows talks/magazine shows and syndicated specials.

It was in the year 2015 that they purchased Freestyle Releasing, which was utilized to expand into distribution of films. The first film they released is 47 Meters Down which made 44 million bucks at box office.

Through the time, the studio acquired a number of other notable companies. They first bought The Weather Channel in 2018. Then, they joined forces together with Sinclair Broadcast Group in Diamond Holding Group to purchase Fox Sports Networks.

How Is Byron Allen So Rich?

In addition to the media empire Allen has created, Allen has been smart in how he earns his money. He has reportedly allowed every channel to licence his show for free , which gives Allen the ability to sell directly 50% of the advertising.

In reality, Allen has received a substantial amount of money from lawsuits. Over the years, he’s filed lawsuits against Comcast, AT&T and Charter Communications and McDonald’s in the form of a lawsuit worth $10 billion.

The business maverick has established himself in the real estate market and also. He purchased an almost $23 million island property in Hawaii. In the following year, he bought the three-bedroom. feet. apartment in one of Manhattan’s most expensive structures.

Furthermore, he bought $19.9 million for the house located in Beverly Hills along with buying an Aspen home worth $27 million. Aspen, Colorado.

Recently, Allen announced he would be bidding on the purchase of the NFL sports franchise known as the Denver Broncos. If the team is purchased, Allen will be the very first black NFL owner in the history of the sport.

Byron Allen Net Worth

It is believed that the Byron Allen net worth figure of $450 million was earned over the course of decades of fame in the world of entertainment. Although he isn’t the most well-known brand, Allen has quietly built an empire within Hollywood. Hollywood.

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