Carter Comstock Net Worth

Carter Comstock is an American businessman who operates a direct-to-consumer meal subscription company called Freshly Inc. Carter has founded the company together with Michael Wystrach in 2012. In 2022 Carter Comstock net worth is estimated at around $80 million.

Carter has also invested a portion of his wealth into Beam, a CBD Wellness brand Beam. Carter has recently been in the spotlight because he is the partner of ex-race car racer Danica Patrick.

The early time in the life of Carter Comstock

Carter Comstock was born in the United States of American and is a holder of American citizenship. There isn’t enough information about his life before and his parents. Concerning his educational details He enrolled in Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona in 2005. He graduated as graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management in 2009.

Carter Comstock Personal Life

Carter Comstock has become more well-known these days, as a result of his relationship with former racer Danica Patrick. People learned about their romance after Patrick posted a photo of Carter in her Instagram.

Danica shared a photo of herself with Carter on the 16th of April 2021. It was captioned “Beach workouts are enjoyable for one, but much better when you’re with your partner.” …”. In the photo, Carter was giving a kiss to her cheek. This sparked curiosity about her new romance with Carter. Danica was previously a lover of NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The couple broke up in July 2020.

Carter and Danica Both have invested in Danica and Carter have both invested in a CBD wellness brandcalled Beam. However, it’s not clear how the couple began their romance. It is believedthat they began to get acquainted by sharing a common connection through this wellness company.

Career of Carter Comstock

In discussing his experiences at work He has been an direct sales manager for the firm, ADP. The company was founded in March of 2010. Carter worked for in the firm for two years, five monthsbefore eventually resigning in July of 2012.

After leaving the work environment of ADP He started his own business named Freshly Inc. in July 2012. Carter along with their business partners, Michael Wystrach, build the first foundations for the business. The company offers weekly subscription servicesthat provide healthy meals right to the customers’ doorsteps.

The company that serves meals provides the finest quality chef-prepared 30 distinct and delicious meal preparations to its customers. Furthermore the nutritious meal is packed full of essential nutrients, and has no artificial flavorings. Customers receive the meal with free delivery and environmentally friendly packaging technology.

In addition to his involvement with Freshly Inc., he has also invested in an CBD wellness brand called Beam. In February of 2020 Beam announced the conclusion of a $5 million of series of financing. The wellness brand mostly sells CBD-based products as well as hydration drinks.

Net Worth of Carter Comstock

Carter Comstock could have earned quite a sum running a restaurant company, Freshly Inc. However the exact net worth hasn’t been released yet. It is believed that his net worth will be at least $80 million. Some websites even declare his net worth at more than $150 million.

Carter Comstock could have earned quite a sum running a restaurant company, Freshly Inc. However his precise net worth hasn’t been revealed yet. The estimated value of his fortune is more than $80 million. Some websites even show his net worth as greater than $150 million.

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