Christy Martin Net Worth

Christy Renea Martin is a former American boxer, who is currently the director for Christy Martin Promotions. Martin is widely regarded as the most popular female boxer who has ever lived in America.

United States who has played an important role in the growth of female boxing throughout her professional career. In 2021 Christy Martin net worth is estimated to be approximately $500,000.

Childhood and Early Life of Christy Martin

Christy Martin grew up in West Virginia where she attended Mullens High School. Since her early years, Christy was involved in various sports, among them one of her most loved was basketball as she been a part of an all-state league of basketball. 

She later attended Concord College where she got an athletic scholarship and finished her studies with a B.S. in education.

Career of Christy Martin

Christy began her journey in boxing at 21 when she began fighting in the Toughwoman contests , where she won three titles in succession. In the beginning, she began training with Charlie Sensabaugh but later Jim Martin became her long-term coach in boxing. 

At some point in her professional career Christy could record 19 consecutive wins, and also had major victories against top female boxers like Jamie Whitcomb.

The highlight of her career as she was able to defend her world title with Beverly Szymansky in her WBC Women’s Junior Welterweight world championship , which resulted in Christy defeating Beverly within just three rounds. 

Christy was capable of successfully defending her title six times. At this point, Christy was appearing on the front cover of Sports Illustrated with her popularity rising to a new height.

Christy was to lose her crown in 1998, while fighting Sumya Anani. But, she proved this was just an incidental setback, as she won her subsequent 10 fights, one after the other. 

In her entire professional career Christy is credited with 49 wins, with seven loss and 3 draws. The most impressive part is that Christy has been able to win 31 of these fights through knockouts.

Personal Life of Christy Martin

Christy was to marry the coach of her boxing Jim Martin in 1991. Although on the surface, it appears that they were in good stead but they had numerous issues with their relationship due to Jim having a very abusive relationship with Christy. 

On the 23rd of November in 2010 Jim would accuse Christy for having a relationship with an alleged lesbian, in addition to a number of other allegations against her. Then, he did the impossible by repeatedly stabbing her across her body, even shooting her in her torso.

After Jim gone, Christy was still alive and she walked out of the house using all the energy she had even while she said she was praying to God at all times. Although the first driver walking by ignored her, luckily a driver helped her to get into the medical facility.

A week later, Jim Martin would be arrested and brought into the Orlando Regional Medical Center since Jim Martin had self-inflicted wounds. Jim Martin would be found guilty of second degree murder and given a sentence of 25 years of prison. 

He then began serving his sentence at Graceville Correctional Facility. Graceville Correctional Facility. Christy has changed her mind since then and got married to Lisa Holewyne who was an ex-ring rival. The couple got married in the year 2017 and are now together.

Net Worth of Christy Martin

In 2021, Christy Martin has an estimated net worth of $500,000. Christy is currently launching her new venture known as Christy Martin Promotions in which she serves as the CEO. The company is currently advertising 13 across her North Carolina area.

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