Erik Prince Net Worth

Erik Prince is an American businessman and ex- U. S. Navy SEAL officer. He was the creator of the privately-owned military firm, Blackwater USA now known as Academi. Erik was Academi’s CEO up to 2009. In 2022 the net worth of Erik Prince was estimated at $2 billion.

Erik Prince is reportedly charging $6,500 per ticket for flights aboard a chartered plane that will take travelers from Kabul, Afghanistan.

The beginning of life

Erik Prince was born on the 6th of June 1969 , in Holland, Michigan, United States. He was the eldest son of his parents Edgar D. Prince, and Elsa. He was the son of a successful businessman who established Prince Corporation. Prince Corporation. Together with his father, they went on a global tour with them, where they visited some of the battlefields around Normandy as well as The Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany.

Prince’s elder sister Betsy DeVos has served as the United States Secretary of Education. In high school, the school he attended was Holland Christian High School. He was a student at an academy called the United States Naval Academy for three semesters. He then enrolled at Hillsdale university in 1992 and received a Bachelor’s degree in economics.

While he was studying at Hillsdale, Price worked for the Hillsdale County Sheriff’s department as a firefighter volunteer and diver of cold water. In the following years, he would become an emergency medical tech. After a couple of years in the year 1990, he began as an intern at the White House under former President, George W. Bush. In 1992, when finishing his college degree, he was appointed as an officer in the United States Navy officer.

Erik Prince Personal Life

Erik Prince has been married three times. The first time, he was married to Joan Nicole in 1991. He had four children from the first marriage with Joan whom he lost from cancer in 2003. He was married in 2004. was engaged to Joanna Ruth Houck. Joanna was his child’s babysitter, and he began dating as his wife passed away.

Prince was divorced from Joanna in 2012 and got married to an ex-Blackwater publicist, Stacy DeLuke. Prince has seven children from three marriages.

Erik Prince Career

Prince was made a Navy SEAL within a short period of time. He was sent to Haiti as part of Team 8. SEAL Team 8. The year 1995 was the time he resigned from the U. S. Navy service early and moved his duties in Virginia Beach.

The year 1997 was when he established the private military firm, Blackwater Worldwide. The company was able to earn around $2 billion from 1997 until 2010 from government security contracts. Blackwater quickly became the most powerful private security firm that provided 987 security guards to embassies as well as bases overseas.

In 2009, the company of Prince, Blackwater went on to be denied a contract worth $1 billion following the Blackwater workers killed seventeen Iraqi civilians and severely wounded around 20 in Baghdad. The contract was terminated to protect American diplomatic personnel following the Iraqi government’s decline to renew Blackwater’s operating license.

Prince was employed as director of operations for the business and resigned his position on March 2nd the 2nd of March, 2009. However, he was director until the end of 2010, before the business was sold to investors. The year 2010 saw him relocate to Abu Dhabi after being hired by the crown prince of Abu Dhabi. In Abu Dhabi, he assisted UAE to locate a company, Reflex Responses.

Erik headed the private equity firm called Frontier Resource Group until April 13th, 2021. He also served as chair of the China-African security aviation firm, Frontier Services Group Ltd. Prince presented a proposal of the sum of $80 million for Khalifa Haftar, the chairman of Frontier Services Group Ltd. in April of 2019 and was in charge of supplying aircraft as well as various military-related equipment. But, in June 2019, the plan was pulled.

Prince was recently featured on the news after a report that he plans to charge $6,500 per person for passengers flying on a chartered evacuation flight departing from Kabul, Afghanistan. Prince also revealed that the fee will cover expenses ranging from the airport’s entrance and also the flight out. The passengers will have to pay more to travel for the journey to the airport Capital city.

Erik Prince’s net worth

In 2022 the personal wealth of Erik Prince is estimated at around $2 billion. Prince has been active in making contributions to causes that are charitable or political. Prince donated more than 200 thousand dollars to Republicans between 1998 and 2007. In addition, he made an investment of $250,000 for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

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