Evan Wexler Net Worth

Evan Wexler is an American businessman who is primarily focused on becoming a wholesaler of top-quality steaks and hamburgers to supermarkets. He is referred to by the name of”the “naked meat dealer”. In 2022 Evan Wexler’s net worth is estimated to be about 12 million dollars.

Early Life

It is unclear what happened to Evan’s childhood. His family, however, has an ancestry that comes from the butchery business which is probably the main reason for him becoming engaged in the business of cooking meat.

Personal Life

Evan Wexler has not disclosed details about his marital situation, or if he’s got any children or not. For Evan his wealth, the huge amount of the wealth he’s created has also become an element of a curse. Evan owns one of the largest and most sought-after cars that are available in the U.S. because of this his house is a frequent target of thieves.

The most recent example of this occurred in 2021, when he was forced to leave his home naked in the early hours of the night because an armed robber attempted to steal his vehicle. Because he had motion sensors set up in his house the man was able to spot the thieves and then come out with an automatic gun.

This incident was caught on CCTV footage, which became viral, and his fellow journalists from the New York Post wrote about it too. This isn’t the first time an incident has taken place aimed at those with the Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Hummer collection he owns.

According to Wexler who has told him that there were at least 20 attempts to the theft of his vehicles, one of his top targets being the extremely rare Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Coupe which is worth nearly half one million dollars.

Additionally to that, his Lamborghini was stolen previously it was one of the 10 that are available across the U.S. However, when the police realized what was going on the vehicle was damaged by more than $80,000 worth of damage that was caused by the vehicle.

Evan has criticized his police force for failing to take sufficient action. In the end, he was detained for possession of several guns.

Evan Wexler Career

Evan was capable of carrying on the tradition of his predecessor generations. He discovered a market capable of distributing meat products to clients who are looking for high-end. Evan was able to provide the service with a high degree of reliability, and, since meat is an essential part of a person’s diet, the business has been able to grow over the course of time.

This is so much that Evan could afford to buy numerous luxury cars and enjoy an extravagant lifestyle that only a few people can ever achieve. Evan is completely invested in this business, and from his Instagram posts, it appears that he’s living the life of luxury.

Evan Wexler’s Net Worth

By 2022 Evan Wexler has an estimated net worth of around $12 million. Wexler has a family butcher from the second generation and has made a great success for himself, based on his family’s experience in the meat industry.

He’s been capable of distributing his products made from meat to an extensive number of top-quality clients, due to which he has built up huge net worth. This is why the man is able to reside in a massive mansion located in the area of Fort Lee which overlooks the Hudson River.

Based on the information in his Instagram posts, it’s further stated that he’s an active real estate investor. However, there are no specifics on which else property Wexler owns.

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