Faze Swagg Net worth

Known as Faze Swagg, he is a gamer and YouTuber. YouTube gaming videos made by Swagg for ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops III’ are very popular.

‘Black OPS 2’ was one of his earliest videos, which he released in 2013. He now has 2.47 million YouTube followers. Gamma Labs and Kontrol Freek have both sponsored him. The estimated net worth of Faze Swagg in 2022 is $800 thousand.

Early Life of Faze Swagg

Kris Lamberson was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on May 14, 1996. Lamberson began playing basketball with his father at the age of 15 and continued until he was 18. After that, his friends introduced him to ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’.

He received a basketball scholarship to college after high school. He had an injury, forcing him to postpone his basketball career. As a consequence, he decided to give YouTube a try since it seemed to be entertaining.

Career of Faze Swagg

Faze Swagg is a well-known Instagram celebrity. On his Instagram account, he earned notoriety by uploading photographs with motivational and inspiring remarks and videos.

He is also well-known on YouTube, where he began his channel in 2012. This was his big break, and on July 5, 2013, he released his debut video.

He’s been on YouTube for nine years and mostly uploads gaming videos. On YouTube, he currently has 2.47 million subscribers.

Networth of Faze Swagg

Swagg has a net worth of more than $1.5 million dollars. Swagg’s total net worth is unknown at this time. Swagg’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million by NetWorthSpot’s industry experts; however, Swagg’s true net worth remains unknown.

The $1.5 million estimate is based only on YouTube ad income. Swagg’s net worth might be considerably larger in reality. When alternative sources of income for a YouTuber are included in, Swagg’s net worth is estimated to be closer to $2.1 million.

Home of Faze Swagg

Swagg lives with FaZe Santana, Booya, and Jsmooth at the “FaZe” content home in Los Angeles.

Car of Faze Swagg

In his YouTube channel, Swagg recently showcased a Mercedes AMG GTS Brabus 600.

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