FBG Duck Net Worth: How Rich Was the Rapper Actually?

FBG Duck was an American rapper who went by the stage name Carlton Weekly. He was well known as the rapper who wrote the popular tune Slide. Nonetheless, he would be assassinated in broad daylight in Chicago. Before his demise, FBG Duck’s net worth was believed to be around $100,000.

Full Name Carlton Weekly
Birth Date December 6, 1993
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois
Profession Rapper
Relationship Status N/A
Net Worth $100,000

FBG Duck Early Life

Carlton Weekly, best known by his stage name FBG Duck, was an American rapper. He was primarily known as the rapper behind the smash track Slide. After this, he would be assassinated in broad daylight in Chicago. FBG Duck’s net worth was estimated to be around $100,000 before his death.

FBG Duck Career

FBG Duck began releasing songs in 2011, which is believed to be the year he began rapping. His song was noticed by the record label RECORDS, which is a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, and he was signed to the label.

He was releasing music as part of the Fly Boy Gang, which was well-known in Chicago’s drill music scene. While other rappers in the area began to shift their focus to more mainstream music, FBG Duck remained committed to the drill scene, and many credit him with bringing drill music to the forefront.

Despite the fact that he has published numerous singles throughout his career, his biggest hit was the track Slide, which was released in 2018 and has over 60 million views on Youtube. This was the song that brought him to the attention of a broader hip-hop audience.

He released several mixtapes over his career, including Big Clout, Look at Me, and This Is How I’m Coming, which had three volumes. On Dat Car, Chicago Legends, Gang Anthem, and Scared of Who are just a few of his other singles. Chicago Legends was one of them, a song that paid tribute to various Chicago rappers who had been shot and killed.

His death is a tragedy since it appeared that he was on the verge of making a breakthrough in his career. Many of his songs were inspired by his upbringing and depicted the realities of living in the hood, prompting some to describe his music as gangster music.

FBG Duck Net Worth

FBG Duck’s net worth was estimated to be $100,000. He also seemed to have earned that much money from his music sales, live concerts, and streaming services.

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