Gary Drayton Net Worth

Gary Drayton is an English treasure hunter and TV star most well-known for his appearance in the TV series “The Curse of Oak Land”. In the year 2022, Gary Drayton’s net worth is estimated at $3 million.

Early Life and Childhood

Gary is born on the 30th of May 1961, at Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England. He attended the Sir John Franklin School. From a young stage of life, Gary was quite an adventuresome person. He would often be digging for any fancy objects like ceramic pipes, marble old bottles as well as doll heads. Through his digging, he would find coins that led him to embark on metal detecting.

In terms of Gary’s personal life, Gary was a married person, however, we do not know the exact details about his wife. We know that there are two daughters named Katya And Anya.

Gary Drayton Net Worth and How He Makes Money?

Drayton made the move into America in 1989. The United States in 1989. When he was a kid he would bring his metal detector to beaches to find valuable items such as gemmed jewelry, watches as well as war artifacts, and antique rusty pieces.

Many people are familiar with Gary for his work on the TV show “The The Curse Of The Land of Oak”. Then, he appeared on the Travel Channel’s reality program “Expedition Unseen”. Based on Gary himself, Gary is focused on areas other people consider difficult to get to. Gary uses metal detectors and optical scanners to ensure that he is always in the right spot at the right moment.

The most expensive pieces Gary has discovered include among them a three hundred-year-old Emerald Treasure Ring worth around $500,000 and 1715 Spanish rings made of Inca gold, the set of 9 emeralds as well as a 22K gold coins rings with 40 diamonds 14K gold, a yard as well as the Roman perfume bottle that dates back to in the Roman Occupation.

In addition, Gary also has written two books. The first “A guide to Searching beaches that are heavily hunted” describes how to be successful using metal detectors. The author also gives information on how to search for jewelry and coins on the beaches that are heavily hunted. The book that he is writing on “How to locate ancient artifacts and coins” gives tips for the beach and water hunting experience and metal detecting techniques.

Gary Drayton Net Worth in 2022

Gary’s wealth is believed to be about $3 million by January 2022. The majority of it is a professional metal-detecting expert. Based on our estimates, the metal detectorist has discovered around one million dollars worth of costly objects.

Furthermore, Gary also earns a substantial amount of money through being a part of the tv program “The The Curse Of Oak Land”. In addition, the sale of books by Gary has added significantly to his personal fortune.

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