George Lopez Networth 2022

George Lopez is an American comedian and actor. He also hosts a talk show. He is most well-known as an actor, comedian, and late-night talk host. George was a star on “The George Lopez Show” from 2002 to 2007.

He also created, and executive produced the show. It aired 120 episodes in six seasons. The series is still popular in syndication. He is also the producer and director of “Real Women Have Curves,” among other projects.

George Lopez’s Early Years

George Edward Lopez was born in Los Angeles on April 23, 1961. With his parents, Frieda Lopez and Anastasio Lopez, he grew up in Mission Hills, Los Angeles. George’s father was a migrant worker and abandoned Frieda and George when George was only two months old.

When he was 10, his mom left. His maternal grandmother, Benita Gutierrez, and his stepgrandfather Refugio Gutierrez raised him. Lopez is of Mestizo Mexican descent. He graduated high school in 1979.

George Lopez’s Personal Life

Ann Serrano and George Lopez were married in 1993. Their daughter Mayan was born on November 10, 1996. Lopez declared that he and his spouse had divorced in November 2010. In July 2011, the divorce was final.

Lopez stated that he once was worth over $50 million but had lost half of this amount to his divorce. In April 2004, Lopez was informed that he needed a transplant because of a genetic condition that had caused his kidneys’ to decline. His wife Ann gave one of her kidneys to Lopez in 2005.

Lopez recalled the visit by Secret Service agents on July 1, 2020. One of his jokes was seen as a threat to the President. In 2020, shortly after the U.S. had ordered the murder of Iranian General Qassem SOleimani, it became known that an Iranian official was believed to have placed a large bounty on Trump.

Lopez laughed and said, “We’ll do the half.” The Secret Service was then called in. Lopez stated that all of Trump’s tweets were printed out.

George Lopez’s Career

Lopez stood up in Los Angeles (and around the U.S.) for many years before becoming well-known in Los Angeles through a major morning radio program he hosted at 92.3 FM. He was the first Latino to host the morning drive slot at an English-language Los Angeles station.

He has released several comedy albums, including “Alien Nation,” which he began in 1996. Sandra Bullock approached Lopez in 2000 about producing and starring in a sitcom. Bullock was worried about the lack of sitcoms that featured Latinos.

ABC acquired “George Lopez” in 2002, and he was the first Latino to host a sitcom. From 2002 to 2007, “George Lopez” aired on ABC. “George Lopez” aired from 2002 to 2007. After its sixth season, the series was canceled.

Lopez produced “Real Women Have Curves,” an HBO Films drama. It premiered at Sundance Film Festival. Lopez was awarded the 2002 Audience Award. Lopez appeared on HBO’s “Inside the NFL” during the 2003-04 football season.

In 2005, Lopez received his first Stand Up Special on Showtime. It was called “George Lopez: You Crying.” More cable specials, such as “America’s Mexican” and the “Tall, Dark, and Chicano,” followed.

Lopez was seen in “The Spy Next Door” in 2010. Lopez also appears in “The Spy Next Door,” “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2”, “Rio,” and “Rio 2,” as well as the films “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2” Lopez’s Smurf films, among others.

Lopez has guest-starred in a variety of television shows. He was the mayor of Reno (Nevada) for season 5 of Reno 911! In 2008, he also appeared on “The Zoo,” “Real Rob,” or “Harley Quinn.”

TBS’s November 2009 launch of “Lopez Tonight,” George’s late-night talk program, was successful. After its second season, the show was canceled in August 2011. FX premiered “Saint George” in March 2014. In June 2014, the show was canceled. TV Land premiered the sitcom “Lopez” in March 2016. After two seasons, the show was canceled in the autumn of 2017.

Lopez’s autobiography, “Why You Crying,” was published by Simon & Schuster. It was a New York Times Bestseller. His contributions to the Latino community have been well-recognized, including his inclusion in Time magazine’s Top 25 Hispanics of America list.

Lopez hosted twice the Latin Grammy Awards and once the Emmy Awards. Lopez received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Television’s 2006 Hollywood Boulevard address. He was awarded an ALMA Award in 2011 for Lopez Tonight.

Netflix’s comedy special, “We’ll do it for half,” was released in 2020. Lopez makes fun of Carlos Slim Helu, Mexico’s richest man, as the first Latinx President in the United States. He mentioned how conservatives don’t believe Barack Obama was born here and said that if Slim required a birth certificate, there are some men not far from McArthur Park where you can obtain the appropriate documentation.

Networth of George Lopez

According to research from several websites, George Lopez’s current worth is $45 million. Our result is based on 2022. Based on his screenwriting career and his work as a TV producer and film actor, the estimated amount includes his salary.

As time goes by, his net worth could increase or decrease. If we see a decline in the estimated amounts or if we have surpluses, we will update it here. John Waters may have made investments that doubled his returns, which could add value to his Networth.

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