Glen de Vries Net Worth

Glen de Vries was an American businessman who founded and was co-CEO of the tech firm, Medidata Solutions. In addition, Glen de Vries was a space explorer who traveled to space with actor William Shatner with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin in October 2021.

The following month, Glen died in a small plane crash on the evening of November 11, New Jersey. Glen de Vries net worth at the date of his death was estimated at $1 billion.

The beginning of life

Glen de Vries was born on the 29th day of June 1973 in America. United States of America. There isn’t much information on his childhood life and his parents. However, it is clear that he was a fan of studying computers at the age of a child. In high school, his mother encouraged him to learn dance by his mom.

In terms of his educational background He has attended Carnegie Mellon University. He received the University master’s degree from 1994 and majored in biological Sciences. While he was in the University, he was employed in the role of a researcher assistant for New York University.

In the beginning of 1994, he was hired as an associate researcher in the department of research at Columbia University. In Columbia, he developed EHR systems for the Department of Urology and developed an assay for detecting tumors in prostate cancer patients through the RT-PCR. In the beginning of January, 1996 the doctor quit his position as a professor at Columbia University and joined the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center as an EMR Project Director.

In January 1997 the company appointed him the president of the company, OceanTek. He was in office for two years up to January 1999, and was involved in the development of internet-based applications for healthcare and commerce on the internet.

He was a co-founder in 1999. was the co-founder of the technology-based company Medidata Solutions. He was also the president of the company for 20 years . He was responsible for establishing the strategic plan and vision for the business.

In October of this year the CEO was promoted to co-CEO for the company. In 2017, Medidata had a value of $3.3 billion. In the following year, the value was rose to $5.8 billion when the business was purchased from Dassault Systems. Apart from his business ventures as a pilot, he also was a private pilot certified with the instrument ratings.

Glen went into space along with Stark and Trek’s star actor William Shatner on the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin in the month of October 2021. Glen spent 3 minutes and over 62 miles above Earth together with three crew members aboard the spacecraft.

Glen was last seen in a plane called one-engine Cessna 172 on November 11 2021. The plane was destroyed into Sussex County, New Jersey just before 3 p.m. 3 p.m. A New Jersey aviation owner, Thomas Fischer was also found dead in the crash of the plane.

Personal Life

Glen de Vries’ relationship status is not yet known. Glen hasn’t shared any details about his private relationship on the official Instagram account @captainclinical. Glen posted the last Instagram post on the 9th of November 2021, in which he was at his first CNS Summit.

Glen de Vries Net Worth

Glen de Vries had earned an estimated net worth of $1 billion prior to his passing at the scene of an aircraft crash on the 11th of November 2021 at New Jersey. He probably accumulated the enormous sum of money through his own technology business, Medidata Solutions for over two years.

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