Guy Tang Net Worth

Guy Tang is a Chinese-American hairstylist. He is famous for his appearance on the upcoming Netflix show, ‘Bling Empire’. Guy Tang’s worth as of currently is estimated to be around $1 million.

Early Life

Born on the 26th of July 1981 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tang said that being Asian-American was a factor in his life. Tang shared a story of how Tang’s Caucasian ex-girlfriend’s uncle shot toward him when he was 16. According to Tang Tang, the incident has haunted him for the past 10 years.

It is unfortunate that not much is available about Tang’s life, including his parents’ names. He has a father who is Chinese and his mother is Vietnamese. He lives in West Hollywood, California. Before that, he resided in Long, Beach, California for about 3-4 years.

In terms of his relationship with his partner, Tang is openly gay. He declared himself gay at age 27. His wife is Almar Guevarra. Almar is Full-time Cancer Research Nurse. Tang and Almar began dating over 11 years ago and now live happily.

Guy Tang’s Career

He started out as a hair colorist, showcasing his expertise on YouTube. He ran a channel on which it earned between $5K and $84K per year through YouTube commercialization only. Once his channel was popular He launched his own hairstyling service named ‘MyIdentity’.

The product is sold on an Instagram account with more than 350K followers. He offers a variety of products, including shampoos, dyes, and more. The cost of his site is approximately $7.

Tang has also been a performer. Some songs he’s composed include Closure, Superpowers, and Quit. But, there’s no evidence to suggest that he made income from the release of his songs. He sings to entertain himself.

Recently, Tang has been cast as one of the characters of the upcoming Netflix show, ‘Bling Empire’. The show follows the lives of a wealthy Asian-American within Los Angeles. Los Angeles area. Other notable stars who appear on the show include Kelly Mi Li, Kane Lim, Jaime Xie, Cherie Chan, Kim Lee, and Anna Shay.

Guy Tang’s Net Worth

In 2022 Guy Tang’s net worth is believed to be between $1.5 million to 2 million. Guy Tang made a substantial portion of it as a professional hairstylist.

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