Jeanette Lee Net Worth

The nickname is Black Widow, Jeanette Lee is an American professional athlete. Jeanette is famous for her amazing Gold medal-winning game in the 2001 World Games. 

Her name was listed as the world’s No. 1 female pool player in the 1900s. In 2022 Jeanette Lee’s net worth was estimated to be about $7 million.

Early Life

Jeanette Lee was born Lee Jin-Hee on the 9th of July 1971 located in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America. Lee is of Korean origin since her parents were Korean parents.

Jeanette started in the pool game at a teenage age in 1989. Her skills improved when she began playing more games. In the 1900s, she finally won the title of the most successful female player on the planet. Jeanette was runner-up three times in the World Nine-Ball Championships from 1993 until 1996.

Lee was given the Women’s Professional Billiard Association Sportsperson of the Year Award in 1998. in 1999 Lee was awarded a $25000 prize in the ladies winner take all Tournament of Champions. She took home the same Championship in 2003.

Career and Rise to Fame

As of 2001, Jeanette was in the top place in her professional career. She won the Gold Medal in the America United States at the 2001 World Games. It was an honor for her as well as the United States, that she was ranked first. 

In the following year, she fought Filipino swimmer Efren Reyes. She took on Reyes in Manila in the Philippines in a race-to-13 competition match. She was defeated by huge margins, 4-13.

Jeanette Lee has performed exceptionally on the field of her sport. She has won numerous championships throughout her professional career. 

She won four championships, Empress Cup Champion, World Team Cup Champion, Skins Billiards in addition to the International Skins Billiard Championship. The year 2007 proved as a great one for her. Pool & Billiard Magazine even placed her in 4th place in the poll “Fans Top 20 Top players”.

In recognition of her outstanding billiards career, Jeanette was inducted into “Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame” in 2013. Lee has stopped playing anymore because of the condition known as scoliosis. 

Lee suffered from the condition from the age of 13. Despite suffering from the illness, she was the top of her career. It’s an incredible feat. Lee is also suffering from Ovarian Cancer. According to sources, she is in the fourth stage and only has a couple of months left.

In addition to being a professional, Jeanette also owns the local affiliate of the American Poolplayers Association which is located in Tampa. Jeanette has also been involved in this GoFundMe campaign. 

The campaign is primarily targeted at girls. It ensures girls receive the proper care and ensures that girls attend college.

Jeanette Lee’s Husband- George Breedlove

Jeanette Lee, a married lady. She has picked the ideal person she will marry in her field. Her husband George Breedlove is also a professional athlete. She exchanged the wedding vows of George in 1996. Lee has four children; one daughter and a son. 

The son of her foster parents while the daughter she adopted is. In addition, one of the daughters she has was born by surrogacy. She was pregnant with her daughter within one year after surrogacy.

Jeanette Lee Net Worth

In around 2022 Jeanette Lee’s wealth is expected to be about seven million dollars. A majority of her earnings have been earned from her professional billiards profession. Additionally, she earns a portion from the leagues that are organized by her local affiliate that is part of the American Poolplayers Association.

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