Jim Lannazzo Net Worth

Jim Iannazzo is a former financial adviser at Merrill Lynch, who was dismissed following a racist rant against a teenager who worked at a smoothie. He was charged and arrested for a hate-related crime following the chaos that took place that took place in Fairfield on the weekend of the 22nd of January, 2022. At the time of his arrest, Jim Iannazzo net worth is estimated to be about $6 million.

Life in the early years

Jim Iannazzo was born in the United States of America. Jim is from Connecticut and is believed to be around 48 years old. age. Jim has been a Certified Financial Planner. He also is an Investment Advisor for Personal Accounts, who graduated at the University of Connecticut in 1995. He earned the diploma of his high school graduation at Norwalk High School in 1991.

Jim Iannazzo Career

A registered financial advisor He has over 25 years of experience with Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc. Jim has been the managing director of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in Stamford, Connecticut. Jim is a holder of the Series 66 Licence due to which he can be a securities agent and representative of an investment advisor. Being an advisor to investors Jim has the ability to assist Texas or Connecticut-based clients.

Based on the information on his Linkedin Profile, he joined Merryl Lynch as the managing director in the year 1995. In addition to his work experiences working at Merryl Lynch, he has worked with a variety of organisations as a top financial counselor as well as a certified financial planner. He is identified among Barron’s America’s top 1200 advisors States by States. The year 2021 was the last time Forbes named him one of the top 25 advisors for wealth within states.

Iannazzo has been accused of throwing at a racist and throwing an alcoholic drink at a teenage employee of a smoothie on Saturday, the 22nd of January, 2022. The incident happened when his son was suffering reactions to an allergenic drink , due to which he needed to transport his son to hospital. After having his son rested at the hospital for a few hours, he walked back to the shop where he yelled the person who had made the drink. He even called a teenager employee “f—ing immigrants”. His actions were documented in a video which went all over the internet.

Because of his erratic behavior, he was arrested for an act of hating and was taken into custody in authorities from Fairfield Police Department. In a statement issued on Monday morning, he claimed that he had lost his head with the fear of losing his son. Jim said that he informed the smoothie worker about his son’s allergy to peanuts. In spite of that, the employee provided a drink that contained peanuts.

However the smoothie worker stated that Jim was just asking for peanut butter that was not available. The viral video, which was shared through Twitter was watched more than 2.6 million times on Monday. The employee was dismissed by Merrill Lynch on Sunday, on the 23rd of January as a consequence from the incident.

Personal Life

Jim Iannazzo is married to an individual named Pam. Pam was with him when his son went unconscious after drinking. His son had lost the ability to breathe, which resulted in his lips and face swelling. Jim informed his son that he needed the EpiPen shot. His wife was immediately aware of the situation and offered her son an EpiPen.

After receiving treatment in an hospital Jim said that his son is fine. His lawyer named Frank J. Riccio issued an official statement on behalf of Jim in which he claimed that the child was transported to the hospital by ambulance. Jim is aware of his error and has offered his sincere apology to Robek’s company, particularly the personnel who were working the night.

Jim Iannazzo Net Worth

In 2022 Jim Iannazzo’s net worth is estimated at $6 million. Prior to his departure from his position with Merrill Lynch, he was making an estimated monthly income of between $80 and $85 thousand dollars.

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