Jim Mcingvale Net Worth

Mcingvale, an American businessman, is most well-known for his ownership and management of Gallery Furniture. Jim Mcingvale’s net worth is $300 million as of 2022.

HOUSTON, TX – MAY 04: Jim McIngvale, Honoree, speaks onstage at the Fifth Annual UNICEF Gala Houston 2018, held at The Post Oak Houston on May 4, 2018. Houston, Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images UNICEF).

Mcingvale’s Early Years

James Franklin Mcingvale was the son of George and Angela Mcingvale. He was born in February 1951 in Starkville. He is the fifth of five siblings. He has two brothers named George and Ralph, as well as three sisters named Mary and Julia.

He and George, his brother, were quite close before George’s unfortunate passing in 2008. They lived together for many years. George was an accomplished football player. He played center for the 1969 Texas Longhorns NCAA champion team.

Jim was also an accomplished athlete as a child. Mcingvale graduated from Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas and went on to play football for the University of North Texas in Denton.

We don’t know what Mcingvale earned from North Texas. We do know that Mcingvale worked as a clerk in a convenience store and later at a furniture shop after he graduated from college.

HOUSTON (TX) – MAY 04: Jim McIngvale (L) and Linda McIngvale attended the Fifth Annual UNICEF Gala Houston 2018, at The Post Oak Houston, on May 4, 2018. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images UNICEF).

Mcingvale Personal Life

Mcingvale married Linda, his beloved wife before he entered the furniture industry. They have three biological children, James, Laura, and Elizabeth. Regina was also adopted by the couple.

They now have six grandkids named Sydney, Eden, Caleb, and Caleb. Linda is the owner of Club Westside in Texas.

Mcingvale has also done a lot for charity over the years. Mcingvale provided shelter and meals for those in need during local hurricanes and tropical storms.


Mcingvale Career

Mattress Mack, the man many are familiar with, started his empire after he bought an abandoned park for model homes in a lot that was overgrown by weeds just off I-45 in Lone Star State. Gallery Furniture was born.

Due to the large number of people who moved into the area during the oil boom, the store performed well initially. Jim had to be more creative as sales dropped during the oil bust.

He invested his last $10,000 in a television advertisement. His ad-libbed pitch for sales was a huge success and raised sales instantly.

Gallery Furniture reported that it had generated an average of $200 million per year in sales in the past. The privately-owned furniture retailer is currently one of the largest in the United States.

Mcingvale and his wife produced the 1992 Chuck Norris-starring movie Sidekicks. The film grossed just over $17 million in the United States, and Norris was featured in several Gallery Furniture commercials.

The book Always thinks Big was co-authored by the business mogul and Thomas Duening with John Ivancevich a decade later. This book chronicled Mcingvale’s entrepreneurial career.

Although Mattress Mack may not have the most followers on social media, he has approximately 9,000 followers on his Instagram page. He is most active on Twitter, where he has 81.300 followers.

Mcingvale has also done a lot for charity over the years. Mcingvale provided shelter and meals for those in need during local hurricanes and tropical storms.

Net Worth of Jim Mcingvale

Jim Mcingvale’s $300 million net worth results from his furniture empire, which he built with Gallery Furniture. His net worth has been significantly boosted by his ability to make a profit of $200 million in a few years. His other ventures have also contributed to the increase.

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