Joey Diaz Net Worth

Diaz is a stand-up actor and comedian who is most well-known for his performance on stage and his appearances on Joe Rogan Experience Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Joey Diaz’s net worth. Joey Diaz net worth figure is approximately $750,000 in 2022.

Early Life

Jose Antonio Diaz was born in February 1963 In Havana, Cuba. The name of his father isn’t available, however we know that his mother’s initials were Denora.

A young age following dying of father, Joey and his mom moved into in the United States. They were settled in North Bergen, New Jersey where his mother owned an establishment called a bar.

First, Diaz attended Mckinley School. After that, he attended the school and later graduated North Bergen High School, where he received awards for his performance arts.

After the tragic loss of his mom, Joey was a part of four families in North Bergen. He often changed homes because of his reckless behavior as well as his tendency to be in trouble.

Following graduation from high school Joey left for Colorado to spend two years, before going back to New Jersey.

The period from 1985 to 1990 were very dark for the young comic. He was a student in the field of Economics on The University of Colorado at Boulder. In 1988, he was sentenced to the full 16-month term of his 4-year sentence for kidnapping as well as aggravated theft.

Joey Diaz Career

The year was 1991. Joey was the first to perform a show of comedy on stage at Comedy Works in Denver. In the last thirty years Diaz became an important name in the stand-up comedy world.

Actually, he’s had a handful of acting roles in notable films in his career. He has been in films such as The Longest Yard, Spider-Man 2, Analyze That, Grudge Match, The Many Saints of Newark as well as a variety of others.

In addition, Joey has received gigs in television shows. In more than 30 roles from the year 2000. Diaz was seen on shows such as Mad TV, ER, How I Met Your Mother, My Name Is Earl, The Mentalist, Brooklyn Nine-Nine among others.

Many of his fans love Diaz because of his show featuring Lee Syatt called The Church of What’s Happening Right Now. The show is on air from September to December 2012 is still running until today. Today, the channel has an audience of 795,000 and has hosted a number of famous guests.

Absolutely, Joey Diaz is a stand-up comic in his heart. In all, he’s recorded a dozen stand-up comic specials. In the past he’s been around performing his show in comedy clubs throughout the United States.

Joey Diaz Net Worth

It is believed that the Joey Diaz net worth figure of $750,000 has been accumulated over the course of the last 30+ years. As expected, the bulk of his earnings come from his comedy skills.

If it’s on stage or having a blast with his show, Diaz stands out as a true stand-up comic. A father of three, Diaz appears to be in a good mental state right now.

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