Latrell Sprewell Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Kids, Bio

Latrell Sprewell is a wealthy former American professional basketball player. Sprewell is recognized for both his on-court and off-court exploits. Sprewell made four all-star games and earned approximately $100 million in his career. Sadly, his accomplishments were overshadowed by off-court drama, such as when Sprewell memorably attempted to choke his former coach P.J. Carlesimo during practice.

Sprewell played for the Warriors, Knicks, and Timberwolves despite his transgressions. Sprewell’s post-retirement legal and financial missteps made the news. He owes the state of Wisconsin $3 million in overdue taxes. A yacht he owned was seized with $1.3 million in unpaid bills and $650,000 in late fees. His residences were apparently foreclosed on. Sprewell is said to be renting a small residence in Milwaukee.

Full Name Latrell Fontaine Sprewell
Birth Date September 8, 1970
Birth Place Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Profession Former Professional Basketball Player
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $150,000

Latrell Fontaine Sprewell was born on September 8, 1970, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Pat and Latoska Field were his parents. Sprewell’s family relocated from Milwaukee to Flint, Michigan, when he was young. After his parents divorced, Sprewell returned to Milwaukee to live with his mother.

Sprewell didn’t start taking basketball seriously until his senior year. Despite his lack of structured basketball experience, Sprewell made the squad and averaged 28 points per game that year.

Latrell Sprewell NBA Career

Sprewell played for the Warriors, Knicks, and Timberwolves in the NBA. During his career, Sprewell was a four-time NBA All-Star and was regarded as one of the league’s best mid-range players. Sprewell also helped the Knicks reach the NBA Finals.

The incident in 1997, in which Sprewell tried to choke Warriors head coach P.J. Carlesimo during a practice, would definitely cloud Sprewell’s whole career.

Sprewell was banned for 68 games, the majority of an NBA regular season, for his behavior during practice. Sprewell’s NBA career ended in 2005 when he rejected down a lucrative $21 million deal over three years, claiming it would not even feed his children.

Later, Sprewell and his agent intended to wait until a trade deadline to sign with a desperate club for more money.

In March 2006, Sprewell was approached by both the Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs. Both clubs were serious contenders for the title. Sprewell remained a free agent after the NBA season ended, despite being courted by teams.

The Los Angeles Lakers had an interest in Sprewell, but nothing came of it. Sprewell averaged 12.8 points per game in his last season with the Timberwolves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Latrell Sprewell Net Worth?

Ans: $150,000

Q2. What is Latrell Sprewell famous for?

Ans: Former professional basketball player

Q3. What punishment did Latrell Sprewell receive for choking his coach?

Ans: NBA Suspends Latrell Sprewell for Attacking Coach.

Q4. How long did Latrell Sprewell play in the NBA?

Ans: He played 13 seasons with the NBA.

Q5. When did Latrell Sprewell retire?

Ans: 2005

Q6. How old is Latrell Sprewell?

Ans: Latrell Sprewell is 51 years old.

Q7. How tall is Latrell Sprewell?

Ans: Latrell Sprewell is 1.96 m tall.

Q8. What college did Latrell Sprewell go to?

Ans: Three Rivers College (1988–1990), The University of Alabama

Q9. Latrell Sprewell Wife Name?

Ans: he married Candace Cabbil. After more than 15 years of marriage, the couple divorced.

Q10. Latrell Sprewell Weight?

Ans: his weight is about 88kg.

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