Monique Idlett Net Worth

Monique Mosley Idlett, an American businesswoman who is a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and charitable philanthropist. She is the creator of Reign Ventures, an investment company that supports minority and women-led startups inspire young entrepreneurs to an enviable future. By 2022 Monique Idlett’s wealth is believed to be about $250 million.

Early Life of Monique Idlett

Born on the 30th of April 1974 from Georgia, Monique had a tough childhood, because she was required to care for her first child while she still was a teenager. When she turned 19 she was not only caring for her child, but also having to search for her father’s two children when the death of her father.

Monique was earlier married to musician Timbaland. Timbaland and Monique were together for about 10 years before they got they were married for 5 years. She filed for divorce twice, first in 2013 and in 2015.

The personal life of Monique Idlett

Prior to her marriage to Timbaland, an American musician and music producernamed Timbaland, Monique already had one child from an earlier relationship. In her prior relationship Monique had a son named Demetrius Mosley was born while Monique herself was just a teenager.

Additionally, Monique gave birth to her first child Reign Mosley in 2007 which she shares the same name with former husband Timbaland. In 2008, Monique Idlett married Timothy Zachary Mosley in 2008, after Timmy proposed to marry her at their baby shower.

The gorgeous couple had an extravagant wedding in Aruba which is an island within the Netherlands ‘ Caribbean sea. In addition, Monique Idlett’s ex-husband Timbaland also has a son called Frankie Mosley, with his former girlfriend.

The happy couple divorced after only five years of marriage. Monique sought separation from the singer, claiming that her husband was cheating with her and other women.

Additionally the businesswoman also mentioned that they’d been together for ten years , and she requested an enormous amount of money to pay child maintenance, insurances, as well as the cost of education her kids receive.

The couple who were married separated 2 years ago, after the start of their divorce process. The American businesswoman hasn’t been forthcoming about her relationship after her divorce.

Although the gorgeous lady will surely entice anyone with her stunning beauty, Monique is happy with her three love bundles at the moment.

Career of Monique Idlett

Monique began her professional journey at age 22 when she persuaded a vice president at USA Today to hire her. She was employed as an advertising executive , and in that position she was the first and youngest female African-American senior executive to get that job. While at USA Today she started her own business in marketing and quit USA Today to focus on her own company.

Monique agency has developed public relations and sales for numerous celebrities and organizations such as Kanye West, Burrell Communications, Rapper T.I, Timbaland and Verizon. She got to know Tim “Timbaland” Mosley and helped his establish Mosley Brands and the Mosley Music Group record label. When they began working together they fell in love.

When Timbaland and Monique began to date She was appointed director for MMG along with Mosley Brands. Under her direction she represented many artists, including One Republic, Nelly Furtado as well as Chris Cornell. In the span of 14 years, Monique led Mosley Brands along with MMG to new heights and sold more than 40 million singles and a host of artists.

Additionally, Monique also founded Reign Ventures in the year 2017. The company’s goal is to assist women- and minority-led entrepreneurs to develop young people and help them build a multimillion-dollar business. In the past, Monique and some of her pals have launched ‘Chatter’, which is a talk show broadcast at FOX Soul.

As a philanthropist Monique is involved with numerous charitable projects. She established the ‘Always Believe Foundation’ to combat problems with health in young people. In addition she also serves as an active board member for a National Trustee of The Boys & Girls Club of America’.

Monique is currently one of the main characters of Discovery’s “Undercover billionaire” season 2. In the show, she’ll be taken to a remote village with only a $100 note as well as a mobile phone and a car , with the goal of establishing a successful $100 million-plus business in 90 days from starting point.

Monique Idlett Net Worth

In January 2021, Monique Idlett net worth is estimated at around $200 million. While she is among the main stars of the show “Undercover Billionaire,” she’s not yet a billionaire. The majority of her earnings come from her various commercial successes.

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