Nene Leakes Husband Net Worth

Gregory Leon Leakes, who is simply referred to simply as Gregg Leakes, is an American real property investor. At the time of the year 2021 Gregg Leakes net worth is estimated to be about $4 million.

Although Gregg has had a great run as an investor in real estate Many people recognize him for his appearances on the popular reality TV show The Real Housewives of Atlanta in which the wife NeNe Leakes was a regular for 12 years from the year 2008. 

While Gregg was not part of the main characters of the show there were several times he appeared as the husband of NeNe, that led to his acclaim following. Gregg passed away in the year 66 after an illness.

Early Life

The details are not as numerous reported to date about the early days of Gregg Leakes. It could be due to the fact that Gregg isn’t as accessible with the press as wife NeNe.

Personal Life

Gregg Leakes first met his partner Linnethia Johnson, popularly known as NeNe in the year 1996. In the year 1996, NeNe was working as an exotic dancer. This is the time they first got to know each other. 

After a year of being together the couple decided to wed. A few years later, they welcomed one son as well. However, over time, their relationship began to deteriorate and was evident on certain shows like The Real Housewives. The couple divorced in the year 2011.

Their relationship would be renewed when they came to the same conclusion about the disagreements they might have. The result was Gregg making a proposal the proposal NeNe at the 2nd time in his career at the new year of 2013. After a few months, they tied the knot and have been in love ever since.

In addition to his son who is with NeNe, Gregg also has five children from prior relationships that Gregg hasn’t revealed any details about.

Gregg is currently experiencing an extremely difficult time in his life after being diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in the year 2018. He’s had to go through chemotherapy several times since. At some point in the year, Gregg was able to get some good news when being declared cancer-free.

But, it returned and he needed another operation. Gregg has also overcome being a criminal in his past since the man has been arrested on various charges that included writing cheques that were not legitimate and the crime of assault.

Gregg Leakes Career

Gregg Leakes started out as an entrepreneur who was self-taught. His expertise lies in real estate, where Gregg has made a name for himself in the field of investing. In addition, due to his knowledge, Gregg is also seen consulting on real estate developments. 

Gregg is also a consultant for real estate projects. Real Housewives of Atlanta became the show that most people became aware of him, as their wife NeNe was an integral part of the show.

It’s unclear if Gregg received any financial rewards to be a part of the show however it certainly helped boost his visibility as a real estate investment expert. 

Additionally when the couple’s fame increased, they also appeared in various other shows like MasterChef Celebrity Showdown as well as appearances on Bethenny as well as Watch What Happens: Live.

Gregg Leakes Net Worth

At the time of writing, Gregg Leakes has an estimated net worth of $4 million. Gregg has been in the realm in real estate many years now and, in the process, has slowly built up a substantial net worth. One of his biggest purchases is the $2.1 million mansion was purchased in a house in Atlanta.

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