Owen Van Natta Net Worth

Owen Van Natta’s net wealth is estimated to be approximately $400 million. Owen Van Natta, an American businessman who is very successful, has reached many milestones throughout his career. Owen Van Natta is a well-known name in the tech sector, having worked for some of the largest companies.

Owen is well-known in many tech areas, including E-tail, finance, gaming, and investment. Owen has worked for companies such as Amazon.com, Facebook, and MySpace. Working in these companies has brought him immense success and wealth.

He is also the founder of OVN Capital. He currently serves in this company and has made it very large. He also co-founded several companies which have been very beneficial to him.

Owen Van Natta Net Worth

Owen Van Natta, a well-known name in the tech sector, is Owen Van Natta. He has worked with many tech giants and e-commerce sites. Owen also held a number of high-ranking positions in these companies.

He has founded many of his own companies, including Prefix Capital and OVN Capital. All of this has added up to give him an incredible net worth of $400million.

Owen Van Natta Assets

Home: Owen Van Natta, a well-known American name, is home. He is a pioneer in the technology industry. Owen is American and has many real estate properties.

He lives in a large California mansion where he once lived with his family. He also has properties in New York DC, Illinois, Washington DC, and other places.

Owen Van Natta’s car collection includes some of the finest. His garage is home to dozens upon dozens of cars. Owen has a beautiful Porsche, Lamborghini, and Mercedes AMG GT-R as well as an Audi R8, Rolls Royce Phantom, and many other cars.

Owen Van Natta Biography

Owen Thomas Van Natta, a well-known American name, has achieved outstanding success in his entire life. Owen Van Natta was a Californian, born on 12th November 1969.

Owen has not revealed any details about his siblings or his parents. We do know that Owen was born in California and that he completed his education there.

Owen is a graduate of English Literature and American Literature. This has been a huge help in his professional life. He has always been tech-minded.

Jennifer Van Natta and Owen Van Natta were married. Their marriage of nearly 20 years ended in 2019 after some disagreements. They have two more children.

Owen Van Natta: Career & Awards

Owen Van Natta, a remarkable personality and a highly successful American businessman, is an example of this. Owen has reached many milestones in his professional career. This is evident in his net worth. Owen is an entrepreneur and a tech titan.

His experience includes working in various tech areas, such as Gaming, music streaming, and social networking. When he was appointed vice president for Worldwide business and corporate Development at Amazon.com, Owen was first in the spotlight. The position was held by Owen for nearly seven years (1998 to 2005).

From 2005 to 2008, he was also the chief operating officer of Facebook. He was responsible for increasing the company’s share and revenue. Owen has also worked in many other companies.

He is also the founder of Prefix Capital and OVN Capital. He is currently the Prefix Capital managing director. Owen Van Natta did not share any details about his awards or accolades.


Owen Van Natta kept his childhood secret for most of it. His early education has been kept a secret. We do know that Owen has completed his Higher Studies at the University of California. Owen holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Owen Van Natta have in net worth?

Owen Van Natta’s total net worth is approximately $400 Million.

How old is Owen Van Natta?

Owen Van Natta, 52 years old, is currently in his 52nd year (12 November 1969).

What is Owen Van Natta’s Salary?

Owen Van Natta is paid an annual salary of $30 million +

What is Owen Van Natta’s Height?

Owen Van Natta’s Height is 1.70m.

What is Owen Van Natta’s wife name?

Owen Van Natta has recently-separated. He was previously married to Jennifer Van Natta (m. 1997-2019).

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