Paul Kemsley Net Worth

Paul Kemsley is an English businessman, reality TV show star also a manager for celebrities. He is well-known for his work as a property developer as well as being Vice-Chairman of the English professional football club Tottenham Hotspur. 

As a famous manager, He manages English pop star, Boy George, and the legendary football player, Pele. At the time of 2021. Paul Kemsley net worth is estimated at $50 million.

Childhood and early life

Paul Kemsley was born on 17 August 1967, in Stanmore, Middlesex, England. He was educated at Atholl School. Paul began working at the age of 15 in John Paul Menswear. He worked on Saturdays. As a worker at Menswear He was able the chance to talk with billionaire retail Mike Ashley. Together with Mike Ashley, he would play darts to earn money.

At the age of 17 He left school at 17 and began his career in the field of junior surveyor for Gross Fine. He joined the company in 1985. was hired by a commercial real estate company in the capacity of an agent. 

He worked for the real estate business for seven years before he joined forces with his old friend, Mike Ashley for his retail company, Sports Direct.

Paul Kemsley Personal Life

Paul Kemsley has married twice throughout his life. He first was married to an individual named Loretta. He has three kids along with the first woman he married, Loretta. Paul was later married to Dorit in the month of March. 

He has two children with Dorit two children; a son as well as an infant daughter Dorit. He has a second spouse, Dorit is a popular reality TV actress and is a part of the reality show “The Beverly Hills”.

Paul Kemsley Career

After a couple of years of experience at work The man thought of constructing his own securities and property firm. But, he only had $1800 in his account. Although he was not able to raise the money to pay for it, he created an organization called Rock Joint Ventures Ltd.

together with two investors Joe Lewis, and Daniel Levy. This company Rock Joint Ventures was principally an investor as well as residential and commercial property developer.

Paul as well as Daniel Levy were able to create a lucrative portfolio worth PS750 million in 2007. The problem was that Joe Lewis had already left the business. Paul’s business Rock was able to form an alliance with the banking and insurance firm, HBOS and to expand the property assets of HBOS up to PS1 billion. By June 2009, Paul’s participation was cut off from the company due to the economic crisis that lasted from 2007 to 2010.

Then, Paul played a major role in acquiring a major part of Tottenham Hotspur. His strong ties to British business magnate Lord Sugar was a major factor that allowed for the partnership ENIC/Levy to purchase a majority stake. In 2005, Kemsley started appearing as one of the advisors/interviewees for Lord Sugar on the British reality series, The Apprentice.

Paul purchased 27 to 35 Poultry from London’s City of London for a staggering amount that was PS40 millions in the month of May. He made a profit of PS32 million in just five months after selling the poultry to an ex Russian Minister of the Russian government. 

Kemsley is also investing large sums in various online betting companies such as Party Gaming, FUN Technologies and China-licensed Betex.

In August of 2010, he was elected chairman for the New York Cosmos soccer club. The position he held was chairman for more than one year. 

Then, Paul went on to sell his share of Cosmos with a huge profit, and then invested the money in the legendary footballer Pele’s commercial rights via an agency for management, Legends 10. The agency is anticipated to earn $30 million in endorsement and licensing revenue.

Paul Kemsley Net Worth

In 2021 Paul Kemsley’s wealth was estimated at $50 million. Paul bought a house for $6.5 million located in the Encino region located in Los Angeles. The house was offered to auction in August 2020, for $9.5 million.

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