Shin Lim Net Worth

Liang-Shun Lin, popularly known by his stage name, Shin Lim, is a Canadian-American magician. Since his debut at the age of 12, Lim was able to perform all over the world performing shows off his magic tricks and also performing demonstrations in close-ups.

The success of Shin Lim was amplified when he has crowned the winner of his 13th series of cult American show Got Talent. By 2022 Shin Lim’s wealth was estimated to be $6 million.

Early Life

Shin Lim was born in Canada however, he later relocated from Canada to Singapore in the country where his parents come from. When Lim was 11 years old, Lim and his family relocated to Singapore.

He and his family moved to the United States. He attended the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School and during the early years of his education, he developed an interest to learn how to learn to play the piano.

After finishing the requirements for high school, Lim was a student at Lee University which he graduated by completing a double major in music and telecommunications.

Personal Life

Born in Canada and later grew to be a citizen of America, Shin Lim is blessed to hold dual citizenship. Lim was engaged to Casey Thomas after they met in the year 2015, during the time when he was performing on tour. Following four years of publicizing the engagement of their respective partners, they made the decision to marry in the year 2019.

Shin Lim Career

Lim first became fascinated with the art of performing magic tricks by watching his older brother, Yi. was the one who taught him a trick with a card that Lim later viewed on Youtube. Following this, Lim started watching Youtube videos, one after the other.

He began to practice different tricks and also took a look at magicians who were already famous like David Blaine whose performances were amazing from the viewpoint of Shin Lim.

But, he was classified as having a disorder referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome. He continued to work on improving his technique and began to create his own techniques when he was able to grasp the basics.

The year 2012 was the time he took part in an event called the Federation Internationale des Societies Magiques which saw him finish in the sixth spot. Although this wasn’t the outcome he had hoped for since the expectations were higher but it did result in the exposure he received.

Lim was then approached by an agent who suggested the opportunity to perform in various regions of China. Lim decided to re-create his show’s format as his show’s featured music but without narration. This created an element of curiosity in the audience about what is likely to follow.

Lim was then the winner of his World Championship in 2015 and was then asked to participate in the show Penn & Teller: Fool Us. At this point, Lim was convinced that the show was going to be a success by putting all of his efforts into it. 

But, he suffered an injury that slowed him down after he injured two tendons that run along with his left thumb. This led to doubts as to whether his career could be lost if he is unable to achieve an appropriate recovery.

Fortunately, the operation went smoothly for Lim and led to an amazing comeback. But, his biggest victory thus far came during America’s Got Talent where he was the winner and was awarded $1 million in cash prize. 

Additionally, he was a participant in the inaugural edition of the American version of Got Talent: The Champions where he was announced to be the winner. The popularity of Lim soared after being part of these shows that have been watched by millions of viewers.

Shin Lim Net Worth

In 2022 Shin Lim’s wealth is estimated at $6 million. The international tours he takes on and the numerous events he hosts each year have added to his wealth.

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