Sonya Curry Net Worth

Sonya Curry, an American educator. She is known for being the mother of basketball stars, Stephen and Seth Curry. Curry is the spouse of former athlete, Dell Curry. Her partner, Dell, has recently declared their divorce on the 23rd of August 2021. At the time of writing, Sonya Curry net worth is estimated to be about $6 million.

Early Life of Sonya Curry

Sonya Curry was born the 30th day of May the year 1966, at Radford, Virginia, United States. Her birthplace was in the hands of their parents Cleive along with Candy Adams. Sonya was raised in extremely poverty. She also had racist experiences in the terrorist white supremacist hatred group known as the Ku Klux Klan.

Personal Life of Sonya Curry

Sonya Curry is married to former professional basketball player Dell Curry. Dell and Sonya have both completed their studies both at Virginia Tech University. The two came to their respective attention when Sonya attended an official recruiting visit to the university. At that point she met Dell for the first time while Dell was training with his fellow teammates.

Sonya Dell and Dell have apparently made the decision to end their 33-year union. Sonya revealed on August 23 2021 that she along with Dell have filed for divorce. According to reports the couple lived apart for quite a while, in addition, Sonya was divorced in North Carolina in June.

The beginning of the career of Sonya Curry

Sonya has participated in various sports during her time in high school. She excelled at volleyball, basketball as well as the track and field. After her high school education, she enrolled in Virginia Tech University. She attended the university as an athlete in the student section. Sonya was a regular player on the Volleyball team of the University. As a junior volleyball player she was awarded all-conference honors during the Metro Conference.

Sonya was one of the most popular among the other players. Because of her presence, her volleyball squad became well-known. Curry was the first player to earn an education degree from the University of California. Curry’s work experience is not known. The year 1995 was the time she established a preschoolcalled named the Christian Montessori School of Lake Norman. She is also the school’s president.

Curry has been featured in news reports mostly due to the two boys she has, Stephen as well as Seth. She became a frequent shot by college basketball TV broadcasters after her oldest son, Stephen was participating during the 2008 NCAA Tournament. Also, she became a popular topic across Twitter in February of 2013 when she celebrated on her youngest son Seth’s field goal of three points. She was a shining star on social media during the 2013 NCAA Tournament during the Blue Devils’ winning streak.

Sonya has been described as a king in the NBA since she typically receives camera time at the audience at Golden State games. The actress has appeared on the news a number of times about how she was able to raise two athletes who are professional. Her son Stephen is her eldest. Stephen is a time NBA Most Valuable Player.

The two boys of Curry, Stephen and Seth came against each other during the NBA Conference Finals in 2019. Following their battle Stephen and Seth became the very first brothers to meet at an NBA Conference Trials. Curry has always stayed with her son’s journey , watching his games through the sidelines.

Net Worth of Sonya Curry

At the time of writing, Sonya Curry’s personal wealth is estimated to be approximately $6 million. However her ex-husband, Dell Curry holds a huge net worth of around $8 million. The oldest son of Sonya, Stephen Curry owns a PS23.5 million mansion on three floors located in the Bay Area community.

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