Steve Wilkos Networth

Steve Wilkos is an American TV personality and host. He is well-known as the director of security on “The Jerry Springer Show” and as the host of his talk show on tabloids called “The Steve Wilkos Show.”

Steve Wilkos Early Life

Steve Wilkos was born in Chicago, Illinois, on March 9th, 1964. His father was an officer in the police force, and his mother taught at the beauty school.

He was raised with his three siblings in the now known as The Roscoe Village neighborhood of North Center, Chicago. In his teen years and adolescence, the teen was in fights in school and then socialized with an unruly crowd.

After graduating from high class in 1982, the student enlisted in after graduating in 1982. He joined the US Marine Corps and was in the Corps for over seven years. He was married to his first spouse just two months later, in Quantico, Virginia, but they separated after two years in 1985.

Steve Wilkos Personal Life

Wilkos The first marriage he had was with Rosae Wilkos, and it was in place from 1985 until 1987. His second marriage was with Hannah Wilkos in 1999, and they divorced within one year. The year 2000 was when he got married to Rachelle Consiglio. She was the executive producer of “The Jerry Springer Show.”

The couple has two kids living in Darien, Connecticut. Additionally, they own a house situated in Camp Lake, Wisconsin. In 2008, he spent $543,000 to purchase the Wisconsin home. The homeowner also paid $1.9 million on the Connecticut house in 2009.

In January of this year, Wilkos was involved in an auto accident that rolled over near his home. He was believed to be drunk driving. In January 2018, the Darien police department obtained the warrant for an autopsy, and their blood alcohol level of Wilkos was .29.

He was later arrested and accused of driving under the influence. The judge requested an alternative punishment that could lead to the charges being removed once he had completed the required training and counseling program.

Steve Wilkos Career

At the beginning of 1990, Wilkos began working for the Chicago Police Department. He was an officer of police officers of the Chicago Police Department until 2004.

His television career began in 1994 when an officer in the department was interested in having him be a security guard during a “The Jerry Springer Show” episode featuring members of the Klu Klux Klan.

The Steve Wilkos Show

Wilkos quit “The Jerry Springer Show” in 2007, and just two months later, the Talk show in tabloids “The Steve Wilkos Show” began its debut.

While he was on “The Jerry Springer Show,” the show featured a segment known as Steve to the Rescue. It became so popular that it prompted Springer to present an idea for “The Steve Wilkos Show” to NBC producers.

Wilkos The show featured a more serious approach in comparison to “The Jerry Springer Show,” and it had an emphasis on issues about criminal justice.

While Springer was looking for a high-energy and raunchy show, Wilkos wanted to cover more serious topics and maintain an orderly stage.

Each episode is focused on a particular criminal justice issue or crime and includes guests who have been either victims or perpetrators. Apart from criminals, the show consists of people claiming they were wrongly accused of criminal acts.

When people suspected of serious crimes were on the stage, the host stopped them from sitting on chairs on the scene.

He gave for this because people who have committed crimes of a horrific nature aren’t worthy of being on his show due to the suffering they’ve inflicted on their victims.

He is known for throwing chairs away when he is unhappy. In the initial season, Wilkos added infidelity and paternity issues as subjects which helped bring a sense of humor to the show since Wilkos often made jokes about himself and his guests.

The show has been on the air since it premiered 2007 in 2007, and NBC revealed in its 2020 announcement that the program was renewed for a second season.

Steve Wilkos Networth

Steve Wilkos is one of the most wealthy TV Show Hosts and is featured on the most-watched television Show Host. Our research on Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider shows that Steve Wilkos’s net worth is estimated to be $7 million.

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