Stevie J Networth 2022

Stevie J is a Grammy-winning producer, singer, and songwriter in hip-hop. He also produces television shows. He is one of the most prominent record producers in the mid-to-late 1990s.

He has produced for many artists, including Mariah Carey and The NotoriousB.I.G. Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, PuffDaddy, etc. He’s also known for his role as a cast member in “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”

Early life of Stevie J

Steven Aaron Jordan was born November 2, 1971, in Utica, New York. After his mother, Penny left the family at eight months, his father, Moses, raised him in Buffalo and Rochester. His father is a Pentecostal Bishop.

Stevie J was the bass guitarist for the R&B band Jodeci. He was featured on their 1995 album, “The Show, The After Party, and The Hotel.” Jordan was a member of Swing Mob, a Rochester record label that Jodeci’s Jo DeVante Swing founded.

Personal Life of Stevie J

Stevie J has romantically been linked to Eve, Alex Martin (Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter), Mimi Faust, and Joseline Hernandez. Eve’s song “Gotta Man” may be about him.

Jordan is the father of six children and five women. Dorian Henderson-Jordan, his son with Rhonda Henderson, was born in 1995. His daughter Sade Jordan was born to Felicis Stover and Dorian Henderson-Jordan.

Steven Jordan Jr. was his son. Savannah Jordan, Savannah’s sister, was born to Carol Antoinette Bennett in 1998. In 2009, Eva Giselle Jordan was born to Mimi Faust. In 2016, Bonnie Bella Hernandez, the daughter of Joseline Hernandez, was born.

Faith Evans borrowed $75,000 from him in 2014 to purchase a house. Joseline Hernandez destroyed his home in the early part of 2016. Joseline Hernandez killed his place in a jealous rage because he was recording with Faith Evans.

Joseline was gifted a vintage Bad Boy jacket worth $10,000, 20 pairs of shoes, and $15k Versace china.

Dorian’s grandson Zion is his. Stevie J, Hernandez’s temporary guardian, was granted temporary custody in August 2019. She posted a vulgar photo of her with her hand down her bottoms and captioned it, “Oh me so Horny.” This is a reference to the 1989 hit song “Me So Horny,” written by 2 Live Crew, a Miami-based hip-hop group. Stevie J felt this was inappropriate behavior from a mother of a toddler.

The career of Stevie J

Sean “P Diddy” Combs discovered Stevie J in the early 1990s. Diddy signed Stevie J to Bad Boy Records’ Hitman list of producers and writers. He produced “Only You” but also made the R&B group 112. The Notorious B.I.GB.I.G. That song featured The Notorious B.I.GB.I.G.

Stevie J produced Biggie’s “Mo Money Mo Problems,” “Nasty Boy,” and “Notorious Thugs”) (featuring Bone Thugs-N-Harmony), as well as “Another” and “You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills you),”

Stevie J was the producer of several tracks on Diddy’s debut album “No Way Out,” including “I’ll Be Missing You,” a tribute to the Notorious B.I.GB.I.G. In 1997, he won a Grammy Award for Combs’ album.

Jordan has produced tracks for Mariah Carey. For his work on “Butterfly,” he was nominated in 1997 for a Grammy Award. He also made “Honey,” “Breakdown,” and “Babydoll” He produced “I Still Believe” as well as “Theme From Mahogany (Do you know where you’re going to)” for Carey’s 1998 album, “#1”.

He had three songs that he produced at the top of the charts from June 14 through September 1997: “I’ll be Missing You,” “Honey,” and “Mo Money, Mo Problems.”

Stevie J has produced for many other artists, including J-Z, Lil’Kim, and Brian McKnight. Stevie J has contributed to or produced more than 60 hits songs and continues to influence hip hop today.

In 2012, Stevie J started appearing on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. His storyline featured the love triangle between Joseline Hernandez, Mimi Faust, and him.

Mimi was his girlfriend at the time of the show’s launch. Joseline Hernandez was also his new girlfriend. Since the show’s premiere, Stevie J. and Joseline have been a very popular couple in hip-hop.

“Stevie J. and Joseline: Go Hollywood” was premiered on January 25, 2016, on VH1. It is the second spinoff of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” This series followed the lives of Stevie J and Joseline as they prepared for “That Time of the Month” in Los Angeles.

It aired for eight episodes in a single season. On December 19, 2016, his show, “Leave It to Stevie,” premiered on VH1. It was the third spinoff of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. “Leave It to Stevie,” a series of eight episodes, aired for two seasons.

Networth of Stevie J

Stevie J was worth an estimated $10 million as of 2021. He has made several million dollars through his production work over the years. His appearances on reality T.V.T.V. shows like Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta also brings him a steady income.

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