Supa Cent Net Worth

Raynell Steward better known as Supa Cent or Wuzzam Supa is an American businesswoman also known as Instagram Star. Supa Cent is CEO of wildly popular makeup company “The Crayon Case”. Supa Cent made a news media headline in 2018 after her brand The Crayon Case sold $1 million dollars worth of goods in just 2 hours. In 2021, her net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Childhood and early life

Supa Cent was born Raynell Steward on February 2nd, 1998 in Louisiana, United States of America. She spent her early years living in the 17th town located in New Orleans. Cent was raised by her single mom together with her sister. She has said that her father wasn’t in the family to help her However, she maintains a positive relationship with her father.

Cent experienced a difficult time when she was in middle school since she was harassed by her peers. She was depressed due to bullying. She eventually discovered an escape route out of depression through thinking of humorous ways to get them to harass her. The bullying played a significant role in her establishing herself as a comedian. She’s also adored by her peers for the humorous humor that she roasts.

Supa Cent Personal Life

Supa Cent’s current relationship status is believed to be that of a single. However, she was previously married to someone else in the past. She also has two children one son Tre and a daughter Lea. According to the sources, the couple separated their husband after coming to learn that he was cheating with her.

Supa Cent Career

Cent was a struggle in the beginning stages at the beginning of her profession. She even worked odd jobs, like housekeeper or waitress. Although she wasn’t finding the right path, Cent kept on working hard, working in various locations. Her dedication to her work paid dividends when she has come up with a variety of business ideas and also worked on numerous startup companies.

Cent was chief executive officer of the company based in Nola, Bayou Scooter Rentals. In addition, she worked as the chief executive officer of the entertainment firm “Watch My Smoke Ent.”. She became famous for the creation of her own brand of cosmetics named “The Crayon Case”.

Cent has become a cult brand in people working in beauty in 2018 after her product line “The Crayon Case” generated one million dollars in revenue during Cyber Monday in less than two hours by selling items online. Following a successful year in 2019, she set an all-time record when she made an income that was $1.37 million in less than one hour.

Supa Cent is also quite well-known on Instagram and has been followed by 2.6 million users. Supa Cent also runs a YouTube channel called “Wuzzam Supa”. Although, she’s not to be very active in creating videos for YouTube. She made her last video on YouTube on May 19, 2020, which has the title Lea and Supa #FruitSnackChallenge.

Supa Cent Net Worth

In 2021 Supa Cent has earned an approximate net worth in the range of 5 million dollars. In the early part of 2020, she purchased a $2.6 million worth home in Florida. She even hosted a Mansion Tour of her new home in the IGTV episode Cribs which aired by YouTube’s channel “9MagTV” on 19 January 20th, 2020.

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