Tay K Net Worth

Taymor Travon Mcintyre who is also known under his stage name as Tay K is a popular American artist and rapper. Prior to being found guilty of murder, Tay K made his name with his song The Race which managed to be ranked at 44 on the US Billboard Hot 100. In 2021 Tay K net worth is estimated at $250,000.

Early Life

Tay K was born in Compton and his father was part of a gang called”the Baby insane Crips. As he grew older, he witnessed his father’s detention.

Tay K was a student at Martin High School but would then transfer his studies to Young Junior High School. At the beginning of his career as a rapper Tay K was heavily inspired by the artists like Chief Keef and Soulja Boy.

Personal Life

Tay K was involved in numerous serious criminal acts. He was in 2019 could be accused of murder as a result of his role in an armed robbery and invasion that was committed in the year 2016. He was targeted by a 21 year old identified as Ethan Walker because of which Tay K was sentenced to 55 years of prison.

He was also charged with his murder, Mark Anthony Saldivar. Prior to that, in the year 2016, he was accused of being involved in killing of another student identified as Sara Mutschlechner who was studying at the University of North Texas.

Tay K Career

Tay K would later begin his journey as a rapper being part of a group known as Daytona Boyz in 2014 which also included other members like Pimpyz as well as Santana Sage. One of their first songs was titled Drift and was later released through Soundcloud.

As time passed, they began to release new songs and began to gain a following in the underground scene. Additionally, they would perform at various performances and events.

Then, he would drop his first single in the year 2015 titled BIFF XANNEN. after the positive reviews was received, he would later release a new single titled Megaman and Megaman. But, this would also be the moment when he’d be in trouble with the law, and was often detained. But, it was around this point that his fame began to increase.

Tay K released a variety of songs, but his greatest success was the single titled The Race. The song received much attention due to the incidents that took place around Tay K in the time.

The artist was releasing his songs even though he was being evaded by the law enforcement agencies for charges he committed. the song would later be uploaded to Youtube in the same day that he was detained by police.

Tay K Net Worth

By 2022, the Tay K’s net worth is estimated to be close to $250,000. His contract in partnership with 88 Classic and RCA Records is believed to have brought more than $600,000.

But, when he was charged with murder, he was required to pay many fines and numerous fees for the lawsuits he was able to win following that.

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