Tiger Woods Net Worth

Tiger Woods’s net worth is estimated at $820 million. Tiger Woods is known to be one of the top golfers. He is considered to be a legend in the world of golf. In his lengthy and prosperous career, he has been a champion in numerous championships and championships.

In fact, Tiger Woods has won the total of 79 PGA tournaments that is a record by itself. He also has won a lot of other championships. He holds 18 world golf championships as well as 14 majors for professional golf.

Tiger Woods is one of the most admired sportspersons ever. Through his professional career and achievements, he’s also earned an enormous amount of money. He also was involved in a few scandals and controversies.

Early Life

Tiger Woods is a living legend in golf. He has achieved numerous achievements in gold. His birthplace was in California and was raised by his parents as well as his siblings. Tiger Woods was quite passionate about golf since a young age.

His father, who died in the late 1980s, Earl Woods also has a major role to play in his name in the world that is Tiger Woods. Earl Woods was also used as a golfer during his time and also coached Tiger Woods to be a sensation. Tiger Woods became exceptional in golf while at school. Then, he was awarded an academic golf scholarship.

Tiger Woods Assets

Automobiles Tiger Woods has plenty of vehicles within his collection. One of his most luxurious ones include: Lamborghini Murcielago, Porsche Carrera GT, Buick enclave, and so on.

The House Tiger Woods owns a enormous mansion in Florida that costs $53 million.


Tiger Woods education is also packed with golf and just golf. He began his education at Western High School. He took lessons on golf by his father, as well from coaching. He was a pro golfer in a very early age. After finishing his schooling, Tiger Woods got a golf scholarship at Stamford University. Through this, he is admitted to the school. After that, he graduated. degree from the school.

Professional Career

Tiger Woods is one of the most famous sportsmen ever. He is, in particular, the most famous golfers who have ever played. Woods began his journey into golf during his college years. He began playing professionally golf in 1996.

The next season, Tiger Woods won The Masters and became the youngest person to ever do so. Then the same year, he signed a deal to Nike Inc., which led to him becoming quite famous.

From that point on, Tiger Woods never looked back. At present the total he holds is of 79 PGA tournaments, the 18 World Golf Championship, and numerous others. There’s not a single competition or event that Tiger Woods has not conquered.

Personal Life

Tiger Woods has a very famous career as well as a more lavish lifestyle. However, his life is packed with changes and ups, and because of that, he’s been through a lot of hardships too.

Tiger Woods was used to live alongside his family, including his two children. He got engaged to Elin Nordegren in 2004 and they remained in the same relationship until 2010.

The reason they parted is due to the scandals and controversies that involved Tiger Woods. He acknowledged his mistakes however it was too late to accept his apology. Not only in his personal life, but also he had major setbacks on his professional career due to his scandals and relationships.

Tiger Woods Girlfriend & Relationship

Tiger Woods is a very accomplished golfer, however his personal life isn’t as impressive, as I would guess. He was married to Elin Nordegren until 2010 and the reason for their separation is his relationships with more than twelve women. He also acknowledged that he committed a huge mistake. It was the money that led him to be blind.


Tiger Woods holds plenty of world records in golf. The only golfer to have won all of 79 PGA tournaments as well as 40 European tour titles and many more.

He also holds the record of not spending the majority of the days at the top of the list. He is also the only person to have the distinction of winning every major championship in a row and becoming the most successful at once.

Tiger Woods Net Worth

Tiger Woods has a whopping net worth of $820 million. He’s earned this money through his golf career and also from advertising and brand endorsement. He also has contracts with several major brands such as Nike and many others.

Frequently asked questions

What is the estimated value for Tiger Woods?

The Tiger Woods’s net worth is estimated at $820 million.

What is the average age of Tiger Woods?

Presently, Tiger Woods is 46 years old (30 December 1975)

Which do you think is what is the Salary for Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods earns an estimated annual salary of $50 million. Year.

How tall is Tiger Woods? Height of Tiger Woods?

The height of Tiger Woods is 1.85 CM

Is there a name for Tiger Woods Wife?

Tiger Woods Wife name is Elin Nordegren (m. 2004-2010)

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